The Great Plain

by Zombie Girlfriend

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released January 26, 2011




Zombie Girlfriend Budapest, Hungary

"Dreamy reverb-drenched garage pop songs, lush euphoric instrumentation and witty, Stephin Merritt-esque vocal sensibilities with sunshine-pop melodies." - the 405 -

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Track Name: Sugovica Surfers
we're surfing
in your head
on brainwaves
we drive you mad

we're so cool
we're never sad
keep surfing
in your head

all the hardcore drummers are buried in the sand
cannonballs and fireballs and... we don't understand
dj's drinking lemon juice where antique statues stand
all we do is surfin'
we're surfing into the sun

we're surfing
in your head
we're so cool
in your head
Track Name: Go Away
i don't want to go away
'cause you kissed me again today
lucid dreams of

and blue
and grey
Track Name: Dreamin'
dreamin' of you
my catholic schoolgirl
dreamin' of you
my candy-eyed angel
dreamin' of you
bury me under your love

waitin' for you
out in the schoolyard
waitin' for you
but sometimes it's so hard
waitin' for you
i want to be part of your life

dreamin' of you when the sun is shining
dreamin' of you when it rains
dreamin' of you when the sky is blue
i'm dreamin' of you when it's grey
i'm dreamin of you when i'm awake

remembering you
your eyes in the moonlight
remembering you
your skin was so white
remembering you
how could i forget you smile
Track Name: Driving Song
afraid of the night

come take me out of here

you play the game and i take all the blame
Track Name: I Love You
Track Name: Girls On Drugs
girls on drugs are fun to kiss
a feeling you don't want to miss
boys and girls on drugs are twice as fun
as girls on drugs

my girl's on drugs
and your girl's, too
we're making love
(we always do)

we're making love
to girls on drugs
it can't be real
we're just hallucinating

girls on drugs
Track Name: Punk Song
i sing a punk song
'cause you don't want to hear another love song
and i don't want to write another love song
no i don't want to write another love song
for you my girl
Track Name: I Always Cry On Sundays
i always cry on sundays when i think of you
i always cry on sundays when i think of you
i always cry on sundays when i think of
your sweet face in the pouring rain at the station

i always cry on sundays when i think of you
i always cry on sundays when i think of you
i always cry on sundays when i think of
your last words you whispered softly to me, girl

i always cry on sundays
Track Name: Ocean Song
in my arms you feel like flying
but inside i see you're dying
'cause you only want me when you're on the run

in your eyes an ocean's hiding
in the ocean men are drowning
and you know they can't be saved unless you cry


in my arms you felt like flying
but i let you go my darling
may the ocean waves wash you gently ashore

Track Name: Sleeping Song
we stay for a while
and then we dance
and then we cry
and then we go around in circles until we pass out

i don't have a chance
you don't have the time
making new friends
so i just drink until i'm crawling on all fours again

go and leave me alone
go find the man
you loved all along
and don't ever show up late in the night at my place

go and never look back
i set you free
and i will forget
for there's so much more than you and me on this great plain