Oncoming Day

by Zombie Girlfriend

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The Chills cover


released January 2, 2011




Zombie Girlfriend Budapest, Hungary

"Dreamy reverb-drenched garage pop songs, lush euphoric instrumentation and witty, Stephin Merritt-esque vocal sensibilities with sunshine-pop melodies." - the 405 -

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Track Name: Oncoming Day (The Chills Cover)
Over there the row of trees is merging in with the evening
And then blackness consumes the forest
Within there lies a glade
And a flattened impression of the love that we made

When I was young I used to watch TV
Now people love to tell me it was all fantasy
But they made it seem so real
They made it seem so possible
Don't ask me to forget them because I won't

I'll visit the glade and I'll watch TV
Is sustaining past illusion just insanity
When it makes me so much braver
I can turn to the world and say
I'm strong enough to face the oncoming day

Sitting alone at night in my dark bedroom
Trying to explain myself in a song to you
When a weird burning shape from a headlight outside
Slid from the ceiling to behind the piano to hide
Then extinguished itself on the carpet and died

The stars mingle inseperably
With the lights of houses that I seen
The shadows of the leaves on the walls shiver
In a vivid twisted frame of grey
From a streetlight outside, its time nearly expired
To make way for the oncoming day

No one
No one
No one can take your memory away from me
Some days I say will I give in to the oncoming day the oncoming day
The oncoming day

I think of words to tell you
I find nothing fine enough to say
Nothing worth anything, nothing worth nothing
Nothing left in this lump of grey

That even vaguely says I love you, in a way that pleases me
So I'll let the oncoming day say it for me
And in the days that followed
In the back of my mind
The black skies sunk on distant countries

No one
No one
No one can take your memory away from me
No way
No way
No way will I give in to the oncoming day
The oncoming day